Room 8 and E3, Christmas time is just around the corner so together to celebrate the occasion we are going to write a collaborative "tall story".

There is only one rule: the story must be about Christmas.

Just write one line and add your name in brackets at the end of the line.

It was a peaceful and warm night when Charlie pushed his ... (Mr Lietze)
covers back and hopped out of bed. He walked out of his bedroom and... (Grace)
went to the kitchen to see if the milk and cookies he left out were gone. (Ben)
He was surprised to see that the light was on and sitting in his favourite chair was... (CC)
A tonne of chocolate santas and he went and ate them all then he went to bed as fat as santa...(Reuben)
He went to sleep and rememberd that there was no presents under the tree...(Kyle)
when he finally woke up that morning he could not belive his eyes he saw a special train under the tree...(Peter)
along with many more exciting looking presents. I was bouncing with excitement when I ran into my parents room and jumped onto their bed...(Alana)
I said thank you and got their gifts for them and, they opened them and...(Jasmine)
they were amazing present's they were the best one's they had ever seen they were........(Katherine)