W.A.L.T write effective speech starters that will catch our audiences attention.

Share your thoughts on different starters we could use for the following topics.
Don't forget you can start with:
  1. Quote
  2. Question
  3. A strange noise
  4. A statement
If I could I would....
"Have you ever thought about....?"
"Just imagine..."
"3, 2, 1 Blast off! We are off to explore the Moon!"
"Boom chucka lucka! How do you like me now classrooms?! If I could I would demolish the classrooms!"
It would all be different if...
"What would life be like if...."
"Jump higher! Higher! Higher! Wouldn't it be cool if you could just take off from the ground and fly! It would all be different if we could fly like birds in the sky!"
If I was an inventor I would invent...
(Start with a song)
"Let me introduce you to..."
"Are you sick of doing your jobs around the house? How about someone doing it for you! If I was an inventor I would invent a robot that does your jobs around the house!"
If I ran the school...
"Mr Nash, Mr Bell you are fired!"
"Boom chucka lucka! If I ran the school I would sell everything and build a waterslide!"
"Just imagine if I ran the school!..."
10 different ways to use...
The truth as I see it...
"Some people say.."
"Do you know..."
"Say 'Arrhhhh'" (Going to the Dentist)
It's useless! It takes up time! It's boring! The truth as I see it homework is pointless!"
In my Grandparents day life was...
"Where are my speech cards?"
"Hey look what I found. Let's see what I can do with this. I think this start button will start it. zoom, bang! Oh no! I think that was a time travel machine!"
A true friend.
"Have you ever thought about...?"
"Thanks man you're the best! Hi, I was just chatting to my true friend. She has all the qualities of a true friend.
What will it be like in the future.
"Was that a hovercraft?"
"R2D2 hurry up! Get out of bed! My automatic knife is cutting everything and there's a 582 year old man at my door, selling flying cars! Hi I'm from the future and I'm going to tell you what my world is like!"